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I have an old debt that I forgot about. It is about $800. I paid it down a little each month which I pay direct to the credit card. They don't like it that I have been paying small amounts plus sending it to the credit card and not them. I am not doing business with NCB but the card company. They started calling me at work even though I have asked them to stop. Again today, they called me at work and this time left a message. I looked it up.... Read more

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I just call to your hotline nos but your customer service is sucks they cannot even talk english and even i had to beg them to talk to my hisband cause he is an arab but they said is not allowed how come is not allowed when im in my husband beside him and the customer service dont know to speak english i have a problem in my credit card bec i paid my dues but some mount didnt credit it is this the excellent service of ncb?!!!! Change ur customer... Read more

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Unfortunately, I had a payday loan go into default due to my day change. I asked Elastic to switch the dates of collection and they refused. I could not catch the loan up because the high interest rates and it was turned over to NCB with an incorrect amount owed. I received a letter from NCB that I had 30 days to dispute he claim. Before the 30 days was up NCB started calling people that I knew and even an exhusband informing him they were a... Read more

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I have had the same issues. They tell me I owe $4000 to someone but won't provide the proof that I owe it.....which I don't. They even called my ex husband from 15 years ago. I am considering legal action. Blocked numbers and will pay ZERO!

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I had a New BMW it was hit in the *** at a stop light in Jan, well I had some one call me at 8am, was rude and a *** hole to me, I told them the gap was going to pay it up in may bit he told me if i did not pay today the cops would be called out and my home would also be took, I was like WTF and said NO and to f off, well at 1130 went to eat , Why i was out of the office my boss at work at the load office got a phone call asking for me, I could... Read more

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Have gotten multiple calls from rude people. I am filing suit today Read more

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They call your Job and tell all kind of Personal Information to coworkers when they answer the phone. Not Professional at all.

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I received a collection letter from NCB for a credit card my mother had when she was alive. After her death in 2010 the balance was charged off by the bank because my mother had no estate and it was not a joint account. They know she's dead (it's very easy to find out if someone is dead) but all they care about is trying to get money from anyone that they can. These vultures need to be sued. They know this is a bogus collection scam!!! Read more

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someone called from ncb management services and asked for someone i said they dont work they person (man) says yes they do and i said no they dont and he said im not going to argue with you and was rude and hung up sure wish i got his name rude a_____ people here why if you say they dont work here they keep pushing it if that person owes money ill sure give them the phone but if they dont work here why be rude . does that person own this... Read more

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i would like to know if this company is really a scam or not. reading all of these reviews, I want to know if I should call them and specifically ask what the debt is for. my boyfriend does not remember this debt, and I don't want to give them any more money if I do not need too. its only a few hundred bucks, but I would like to know what it is for. so I would like some advice, or any information that would help me find out if this company is... Read more

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