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It was for the mortgage for this Big Daddy looking old fashion 1800's looking house, and you don't talk to me any kind a way that is against my wishes upon this business matter today false company claimed to taken my body parts for granted unclaimed unchained clients of *** and greed! You can exit to *** with false hood on my God dang it phone!

I m like to be considered 30 years old freak acting! You just steal my God dang joy, and you don't take a 60 year old serious do you? Watch that movie DJANGO Unchained for the respect element be in right place. The greed of money is going to lead you to *** and you must not take what we been blessed with for 9 months.

The House to be Big Daddy came under a curse GONNA try to lie and make us go to the loan place in YOU IN TENNESEE go act in a movie God DANG IT! Your building being NCB IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP LIKE THAT MOVIE! After ate some pie yesterday and sweet by and by song played, and I was behind the counter at Six Flags as a God Dang Bar tender 21 UP RIGHT!

We need justice now Fool! Give me my God Dang 50.00 back for this house!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Stop calling my number, Calling people associated with me or family.

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